Collaborate on social media content with your team and clients

What makes Kontentino the best social media management tool

With Kontentino, you can draft, delete, duplicate, drag and drop your social media posts in an intuitive calendar, get them approved by your managers or clients in seconds, schedule them for publication, and analyze their performance afterwards. 

All from one of the most intuitive social media management tool dashboards out there

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Social media management collaboration in Kontentino, one of the best SMM tools

Save time by automating your social media management

How about saving hours every week? The best social media management tools allow you to automate mundane tasks so you can spend more time on what matters the most: your strategy, analytics, or creative assignments. You know it best. 

See for yourself just how much time you can save and how many daily chores you can automate.

Creativity in social media management tools for agencies

It’s more than just another
social media management tool
for teams and agencies

Kontentino is one of very few social media tools that don’t leave much to be desired. Many tools for social media managers require supplementation with other software for full functionality.

That’s not the case with our social media management tool. One of the reasons why Kontentino is recognized among the best social media management tools for agencies is that this tool was born in one, where it was created by and for the people who need it most and use it on a daily basis.

We are social media managers ourselves, so we wanted to create a bespoke product: the best social media management tool you can possibly find.

Social media workflow KPIs and reporting with Kontentino

Use the best social media marketing tools

for easy social media management

Whenever, wherever…

we’re meant to work together. That’s what your social media team can sing with Kontentino. Give and receive quick feedback, approve or reject posts using the mobile app. Access more advanced options via your computer while keeping an eye on your social media plan on the go. No more waiting ages for a single “okay, let’s publish”. How does it sound? Ready to explore more capabilities of the best social media management tool for agencies?

IG live post preview

Kontentino is one of the best social media management tools for agencies. Streamline your team's workflow.

Impress clients with easy-to-understand reports

Create, collaborate, approve, schedule and publish your posts. Create comprehensive reports for your clients in Kontentino, one of the best social media tools for agencies and marketing teams.

Analyze and optimize on autopilot

A good social media management tool should provide analytics and optimization. Kontentino gives you an intuitive overview of how your pages, profiles, and posts are doing. Identify shining stars or bottlenecks in your strategy and constantly improve your performance with untangled reports in Kontentino, so pretty and informative that you can send them directly to your clients.

Detailed social media performance analytics for agencies with Kontentino

Replace zillions of tools with Kontentino

Have you ever dreamed of a complex, universal tool for seamless social media management in just one, single, accessible dashboard? 

How cool would it be to store all communication, assets, ideas, inspirations, comments, and statistics in one place? 

Dream no longer. It's now a reality. 

No more switching between emails, attachments, PDFs, spreadsheets, schedulers, and analytics tools, just to list a few of your browser tabs (have we guessed that right?).

Kontentino social media approval workflow

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one of the best social media agency tools for easy collaboration and approval

Scheduling LinkedIn posts

When choosing marketing
software for social media management,
you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.

Client-agency collaboration with Kontentino LI management tool

Kontentino was designed for seamless
collaboration. Get ready for flawless
agency-client relationship!

Scheduling LinkedIn posts via mobile app

Get and give feedback on the go via our
mobile app.

All you need in one tool

When choosing marketing agency software for social media management,
you need to be sure it ticks all the boxes.

Collaboration tools for social media managers

Seamless collaboration
for managers
and agencies

Social media collaboration tool for agencies and clients

Flawless agency-client

Feedback for managers and agencies via mobile app

Feedback and approval
via our mobile app

Tool to manage all social media assets

All assets in one place -
content handover
made easy

Try Kontentino and gain

LinkedIn collaboration and approvals
Kontentino collaboration

Collaboration and approval process

to make social media a piece of cake

LinkedIn management with feedback
Kontentino collaboration

Mobile app to approve
posts and give feedback
on the go

Kontentino social media collabodation process - tags
Kontentino collaboration

Tag people and send files
in the comments

Kontentino LinkedIn inspirations social media calendar
Kontentino collaboration

Inspirations calendar

to mark any campaign launches, anniversaries ideas - to make the agency-client relationship even smoother

Linkedin management content assets for scheduling
Kontentino collaboration

All your brand's assets
stored in one place