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Kontentino planning and collaboration
So easy ... Meet our social media content calendar

Editorial calendar

Drag & drop social media content calendar

Transform your social media collaboration - easily reschedule, clone or move social media posts or ads across your channels.

Social media content topic labels

It is important to have your content well balanced. Label and filter your social media posts based on the topic, theme or overall goal. Create your own labels such as brand awareness, entertainment, hard-sell or any that you like, so everyone on your team can easily understand the marketing strategy.

Bulk actions

Save time on operational work. Assign multiple tasks at once, send all planned social media posts for client approval or schedule an unlimited number of social media posts with one click.

Social media content creation for agencies and brands

Social media content creation

Post checklist

Do you have a new team member or you just need to remember a set of rules when planning social media content? Make your life easier with our post checklist and you will never forget to add a logo to an image, UTM tags to a URL or anything from your brand guidelines. Social media planning has never been easier.

Page tagging/mentions

When planning your social media content in Kontentino, you can tag Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages or mention Twitter accounts. How cool is that?

Translations for international brands

Do you adapt and localize international content for local markets? Make social media collaboration across teams easier. Provide your translators or social media managers with a tailored interface and options to translate posts next to the original post version, to perfectly localize social media content.

UTM tag builder

Tired of switching between browser tabs when building UTM rich URL links? Use the Kontentino UTM tag builder while creating link posts.

Picture enhancements & branding

Add logos or branded frames to your images without having to bother your graphic designer.

Kontentino social media collaboration for teams

Social media collaboration for teams

Task assignment

Collaborate on social media content creation by assigning tasks to your graphic designer, copywriter or any other team member and work together in one social media content calendar. Kontentino makes social media collaboration a piece of cake.

Team communication and approvals

Have all communication right next to the post preview. Mention team members in comments to notify only those to whom you address the message. Send social media posts for internal approval to the art director or any supervisor or gatekeeper.

Change tracker

Collaborate & control in a breeze: Track every single change with post version change tracker. You can always go back and use the best version created during the social media planning and approval process.

Inspiration calendar

Let your clients inspire you without having access to the actual content calendar. Use post ideas from inspiration calendar to create engaging social media content. Ideal for clients who want to be present in the process of social media planning.

A range of post formats for all major social media

Wide range of post formats

All major social media sites

Create, plan, approve and schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Ultimate LinkedIn planner

Kontentino is the only social media content calendar offering LinkedIn planning and scheduling in its entirety. Create and schedule LinkedIn videos, carousels, restrict audiences or tag LinkedIn pages.

features easy

Easy publishing

Budget planner

Plan the budget for each post in advance. See a total of the planned budget in calendar view and never exceed your budget.

Audience restrictions

Restrict who will see your posts organically and who will not. You can restrict your audience based on age, location or language.

Boost/promote Facebook posts in advance

Unlike other social media tools, Kontentino exports scheduled posts directly to Facebook so they are being scheduled within Facebook. This way you can use post ID and plan promotion or boosting ahead without waiting for when the posts are going to be published.

Store social media images and videos - agencies and clients

Unlimited visual content storage

Store your visual content

Kontentino offers unlimited storage for your visual content. You or your clients are able to upload videos or images and use them later for social media planning or ads creation without downloading them to your computer. Everything is perfectly organized on one cloud.

Reuse your visual social media content

Every single piece of content you create in the social media content calendar is saved and stored. You can easily find and reuse the best performing evergreen content.

Piece of cake social content

Ready to make your
social media a piece of Making social media management a piece of cake ?