Client approvals

Social media content client approvals
Kontentino social media approval process

Mobile app - social media approval process

Approve & reject

Social media content approval on the go? Clients enjoy the option of approving or rejecting social media posts and ads from the mobile app.

Provide feedback

With our intuitive mobile app, social media approval process is easier than ever. Clients are able to provide feedback under each post.

Scheduling under control

See what posts are scheduled for a given date, what posts are still waiting for approval and more. In the mobile app, you have all your content under control. Take your social media approval tool with you anytime and anywhere.

Kontentino social media approval workflow

Flexible social media approval workflow

Internal and external approval

Whether you need approval within your team or approval from your client, Kontentino is here for you. In Kontentino you design your own approval process and always keep a record of all approvals.

Tailored client interface

Client’s role is tailored for their needs. It is simple and intuitive, no training required. Clients see only the posts and comments you want them to see. They cannot do edits but they can provide suggestions and inspiration in the inspiration calendar. They are also able to upload all visuals in the albums.

Email or mobile app notifications

Clients will receive an email or a notification on their mobile phone when your posts are ready for their comments and final approval.

Social media approval workflow - Live post previews

Live post preview

When creating posts, Kontentino shows you exactly what your posts are going to look like when published on the particular social media channel. This way you and your clients are 100% sure that the social media posts are flawless. Social media content approval has never been so clear and transparent.

Set the social media approval workflow to suit your needs. Stop the guessing game and enjoy a stress-free creation and planning of social media content.

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